A bit eccentric, but undoubtedly a fashion icon- Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian, a name we all know by now, after all we get to see one picture after another of this eccentric celebrity on every social media! She has big doe eyes, a lustrous mane of hair, big pouty lips and a toned body that is to die for! She married Kayne West, a famous rapper, in 2012 and has an adorable daughter named North West.

However peculiar she may seem, do not doubt her fashion skills as no one can deny that she is a rising fashion icon! She loves heating up the red carpet with her tremendously glamorous signature outfits and manages to outshine every other star with her style.

Make this winter hot with the Kim Kardashian’s attire!
We know Kim loves Kayne West and North West and her Instagram selfies, but one more thing that she loves is her leather jacket. Recently, she has been spotted flaunting this one leather jacket a lot.

Let us describe this piece for you: The jacket is slim fitting, body hugging black leather piece that is waist length with big buttons on the front for closure. The black shade that is used is not matte, rather it is glossy and with a lustrous sheen, which makes the jacket stand out amongst others.

For all the ladies who fear that this winter will turn out to be a boring and cold affair, we have just the right remedy for you! This black biker babe jacket will turn your cold winters into a sizzling hot event!

Pair it up with almost anything!
This jacket can be paired up with a sexy black lacy dress when you want to head out to a formal party or a plain tee shirt and fitted jeans when you desire for a casual night at the bar with friends.

Kim has paired this jacket with a navy dress with gold heels and black aviator glasses as a formal look.  She has also worn the same jacket with a simple v- necked white shirt with cropped skinny jeans as a casual look. She was also seen wearing the same jacket with black leather pants and a bright red scarf at a different occasion.

Whatever look you decide to opt for, one thing it guarantees, you will look hot and you will look sultry and the center of attention of all male eyes!

Sophisticated and sexy- an unlikely combo!
You might think that it is unlikely to pull off elegance and sultriness at the same time. But, this jacket is a combination of sophistication and sexiness, all packed in one outfit!

If you are unsure where to get this piece, go check the online stores. Kim is a rage these days, a trend, the in thing, you will surely find dozens of replicas waiting to find their way to your closet. You can also grab un-branded look alike blazers to supplement your look and save money.

Go grab them and make your statement!

Author Bio: Melody Wilson writes articles that are witty and charming. She is working her magic and writing for the customers of Instyle Jackets to entertain as well as inform them about the latest fashion trends.