The roadside push-cart coffee vendor being sued by US coffee giant Starbucks for trademark infringement says he is willing to go to jail but will not remove his logo.
The “Starbung Coffee” logo features a green-and-white motif which the well-known international coffee chain said is a copy of its trademark. Starbucks sent a cease-and-desist letter to Starbung owner Damrong Maslae telling him to stop using the logo last year. It also filed a trademark violation complaint with the Intellectual Property Court and asked for an injunction, which the court granted.
Kulanee Issadisai, acting director-general of the Intellectual Property Department, said Starbung resisted the injunction order so Starbucks filed another complaint through its legal representative Tilleke & Gibbins International Co last week, asking for compensation amounting to 300,000 baht plus 7.5% interest per year.
Starbucks Corp is also demanding a monthly payment of 30,000 baht plus legal fees. The court has set the first hearing for Nov 4. Mr Damrong, 43, claimed the logo was designed by his friend and was not similar to that of Starbucks.
He said it was inspired by Islam, featuring an old Muslim man at the centre. The Starbucks emblem features a woman. see more

source: bangkokpost