WASHINGTON — The contents of Osama bin Laden’s “bookshelf” — the readings seized by SEAL Team 6 when they raided his compound and killed him in 2011 — were released Wednesday, including a love letter to his “beloved wife.”

Bin Laden had multiple wives, including two who were captured during the mission. His 2008 mash note praises one wife who filled his heart “with love, beautiful memories.”

He goes on to gush, “As for you, you are the apple of my eye, and the most precious thing that I have in this world.”

Elsewhere on the shelf, his reading list ranges from the expected (the Quran) to the eclectic (a Time article on America Online’s stock).

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released the titles of a trove of documents online under the heading “Bin Laden’s Bookshelf.” The agency, which oversees U.S. intelligence agencies, unveiled the contents of bin Laden’s library from his compound at Abbottabad, Pakistan, in an effort to increase “transparency.”

The release comes four years after the mission killed bin Laden and allowed commandos to seize letters, books and other intelligence on the al-Qaeda terror network he founded. An inter-agency review determined that release of the documents and titles to others would not compromise efforts to combat the organization.

The documents were also released a week after an article by veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh that quoted an anonymous source saying “there were ‘no garbage bags full of computers and storage devices. The guys just stuffed some books and papers they found in his room in their backpacks.’ “.. see more

source: usatoday