It’s not showing in 3,000 movie theaters but this might be even better: The Interview can now be seen on the Internet, including on YouTube, the world’s largest video website.

Sony Pictures Entertainment confirmed Wednesday that it worked out a deal to make the threatened Seth Rogen/James Franco assassination farce available to anyone with an Internet connection and a credit card.

The film, as of 10 a.m. PST Wednesday, is now available to rent in HD on Google Play, on YouTube Movies, Microsoft’s Xbox Video and on the dedicated website ($5.99 for each option). The film can also be purchased in HD for $14.99, Sony said.

Somewhere, the unidentified hacker trolls are grinding their teeth: They first stole and leaked gigabytes of data from Sony, including embarrassing emails. Then they tried to shut down the movie about a cockamamie plot to assassinate North Korea dictator Kim Jung Un by threatening Sept. 11-style violence against theaters that showed it.

After initially caving to the threats, Sony reversed course on Tuesday and agreed to open the film in about 300 hundred independent theaters around the country on Christmas Day.. see more

source: usatoday