A lawyer for Sony Pictures Entertainment threatened to sue Twitter if it does not block users who post information stolen from the company by hackers. In a letter Monday to the social media company’s general counsel obtained by NBC News, attorney David Boies specifically cited tweets by user @bikinirobotarmy — who has posted pictures of hacked emails between Sony executives, “intellectual property, trade secrets and other business secrets.”

Boies asked that Twitter suspend the user’s account, delete any and all copies of Sony’s stolen data that are in Twitter’s possession and also comply with all future requests by Sony to suspend users who post hacked information. If Twitter does not comply, Boies wrote, Sony “will have no choice but to hold Twitter responsible for any damage or loss arising from such use or dissemination by Twitter.” Twitter declined a request for comment. Hackers first began releasing data stolen from Sony on Nov. 24 — from copies of Sony Pictures films to embarrassing emails between its executives to employees’ personal information…. see more

source: nbcnews