CULVER CITY, Calif. — Sony staffers received a new email from hackers Friday, this time threatening their families, from the group that calls itself the Guardians of Peace or the “GOP.”

At the same time, someone purporting to be the GOP released another, massive, file dump on Friday, posting them on a sharing site called Pastebin.

“It’s over 100 gigabytes,” said Daniel Tentler, with the security firm Carbon Dynamics. He is dissecting the file.

The posting was titled “Gift of GOP for 3rd day: Financial data of Sony Pictures.”

The file was compressed and it wasn’t immediately clear what it contained. However, whoever posted it claimed it included “many pieces of confidential data” in the accompanying message.

The message also read, “Anyone who loves peace can be our member. Please tell your mind at the email address below if you share our intention.” The email directed readers to a site that gives users anonymous, disposable email addresses.

In a final line,which could mean that Sony will have its private data dripped slowly out into public arena, the message read, “The data to be released next week will excite you more.”

These two secondary assaults come after Sony has spent all week shifting email to new servers, instructing staffers to change passwords, and turning back the clock to old-school time-punch cards in order to process employees’ payment.

All of these efforts were made by Sony to thwart another attack by the GOP (easily confused with the political party). But an email – somewhat garbled in style – that landed in many staffers inboxes on Friday proved Sony’s scramble is so far insufficient…. see more

source: usatoday