North Korea has denied involvement in a cyber attack on Sony Pictures, but hailed it as a “righteous deed”, possibly carried out by its supporters in protest at an upcoming film about Kim Jong-Un.

The interview, a comedy involving a fictional CIA plot to assassinate the leader of the isolated communist state, has infuriated Pyongyang, which has previously declared it an “act of war”, and warned of “merciless retaliation”.

The attack, by a group calling itself the Guardians Of Peace, crippled key systems at Sony Pictures, led to the disclosure of personal information about 47,000 employees, and saw blockbuster movies, including Second World War drama Fury starring Brad Pitt, being leaked online.

There has been speculation that the attack was Pyongyang’s retaliation for the Sony movie.

North Korea’s top military body, the National Defence Commission, rejected reports of its involvement as “false rumour”, but criticised Sony for “abetting a terrorist act while hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the (North)”… see more

source: skynews