Industry exports believe that wearable technology is the future of gadgets but we bet they never envisioned a vibrating wig to be part of it. Well that’s exactly what Sony is working on as they filed the patent for a high-tech hairpiece that is equipped with WiFi capabilities, tactile sensors and even a GPS unit.

But while this brings images of people walking around with various contraptions on their head, Sony assures users that the wig can be worn like a normal wig. But aside from covering up bald spots or sporting a different hairstyle, the Smart Wig will come in three variants. The Presentation Wig will enable the wearer to control a laser pointer and a Powerpoint slide show simply by tugging on the sideburns of the wig (We don’t know if there is a female version where the bangs do the work). The Navigation Wig can guide users to their destination by connecting to satellites through GPS and then giving off tiny vibrations to the different parts of the head (If you’re ticklish, be careful). The Sensing Wig may be the coolest variety yet, as it allows users to playback their day by capturing sounds and images and also monitoring their body temperature, blood pressure and brainwaves.

It may sound like a hilarious but dubious Home TV Shopping product, but Sony seems serious about developing these variants as they have already filed patents in the European Union and the United States. But according to a spokeswoman, there are no plans currently to make it available for the commercial market. Too bad, as we’re already looking forward to communicating with other people with the flick of our brightly colored and WiFi enabled hair.

source: japandailypress