Software architects have built their way to the best job in America, according to a new survey.

With median pay of $124,000, great personal satisfaction and low stress, the highly coveted digital designers are the kings and queens of the 21st century economy, says CNN Money.

“I must get two dozen offers per month,” said Sam Kaufman, 26, a freelancer from Fort Green, Brooklyn. “It’s almost daily. I’m never without work.”

Kaufman said he pulls in six figures a year and enjoys a more satisfying career than a typical software engineer.

“It’s more collaborative, more creative and you have a little more authority,” said Kaufman, a client of the 10x Management agency.

Longtime software architect CAT Susch agreed.

Susch, who works for Microsoft, said the job offers particular challenges — and benefits.

“The software architect doesn’t have to know everything about everything,” said Susch. “They have to bring all the right players to the table to come up with the best solution.”

Among the other professions in the top 10 are video game designer, hospital administrator and pilates/yoga instructor.

“I’m not that surprised yoga instructor is on the list,” said Morgan Miller, 28, an instructor at The Yoga Room in Astoria.

Miller was working in finance before she decided to pursue her passion.

“Teaching Yoga isn’t work for me. I love it. It’s what I want to do,” she said.

source: nydailynews