Every employee deserves appreciation for their efforts. Employers can use rewards or throw a party every month to express their gratitude. Awards could be anything of monetary or non-monetary value. For example, a mid-size crossover such as Dodge Journey can be an excellent gift for cars enthusiasts. In fact, employers can use thoughtful gestures to show that they value their employees. Your goal is to create a win-win situation for everyone in the organization. Employees who feel valued often wish to extend their stay in an organization. Below are a few incredible ways to appreciate the efforts of your employees.

Gift Hampers

Passing out shopping vouchers once in a while to a local coffee chain can go a long way to motivate employees. Giving out gift cards to employees celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or career success is a great way to say thank you. It is the same as promising employees a gift for their accomplishments.


One of the ways to reward employees at once is to use games. Employers can use games to create a fun, competitive working environment and boost engagement at work. The type of game or raffle doesn’t matter. It can be anything like a movie ticket or free lunch. Employees are likely to appreciate the efforts the employer has taken to make their worksite a little more exciting. You don’t have to worry as there is plenty of software that one can use to create a socially safe and engaging gamified experience. In fact, some gamification solutions are critical to the growth of sales teams. Over time, gamification has become an integral part of many companies. Gamified strategies foster not only cultural growth but also collaboration and competition.


Praise will cost a company nothing. Recognition is one of the modest ways to show employees that you care about them. For example, a handwritten thank you note detailing how much you value the efforts of an employee can go a long way to create lasting dialogue about their performance. Moreover, it helps boost engagement and keep employees on the track. However, sending praise cards or generic emails makes recognition feel more like an obligation than appreciation. You could consider creating a recognition culture at your company. For example, an organization could decide to start every management meeting by commending employees whose work has been exceptional. It may seem kind of cheesy at first, but employees will eventually embrace and appreciate it.


Giving employees responsibilities that correlate with their capability can be a great way to express gratitude. Involving employees in decision-making and allowing them to take the lead on specific tasks shows that you have faith in them. Moreover, that demonstrates how you value your employees’ career goals.


Employees are a vital asset to any company. Allowing them to take the lead on critical decision-making processes reinforces the idea that their efforts are exemplary. One of the ways to make employees feel validated is to recognize them as leaders of categories such as customer service, sales, or support. In fact, managers can create a leaderboard to showcase the weekly or monthly winners. That inspires them to compete for the top spot. However, the leaderboards should be designed in a way they encourage, but not discourage employees.


Perhaps an employee has exceeded expectations and completed duties for the day ahead of time. As such, the manager can let them cut the day short. You can also ask an employee who overstayed at the worksite to come a few hours later the next day to give them ample time to rest. You could also allow them to take a day off for surpassing their goals. Helping employees find a balance between life and work is an incredible way to reward them. You need to give them extra time to pursue their passions or spend with their family. You will be surprised at how rewards will increase employee engagement, job satisfaction, and boost productivity.


by: Mark Palmer