Egyptian artist Ramy Essam, nicknamed “The Singer of the Revolution,” releases his second album Masallah (Obelisk), a mini album that features a new genre called the Deep Step.

According to Al-Ahram’s Arabic-language news website, Masallah is different from Essam’s first album Manshurat (Political Fliers) and includes five political songs: Tartour (Weakling), Action, Cursed Electoral System, Obelisk 2012, and Work Through Your Card.

Like Manshurat, however, Masallah is also a self-funded and self-produced project by the 20-something year old artist.

The album’s lyrics were written by Amgad El-Khwagy, Essam composed the music and was edited by Tahir Saleh.

Ramy Essam has actively participated in demonstrations since Mubarak’s ouster and performed live concerts in various pro-revolution venues. On March 9, 2011, he was arrested by the military police during a demonstration in Tahrir Square and said he was tortured by officers while in detention in the Egyptian Museum.