Unrestricted usage of cell phones has affected the efficacy of schools and workplaces. Cell phones should only be allowed to use under strict rules and conditions. Some of the reasons about setting social rules about cell phone use in schools and workplaces are highlighted in this article.

  1. Cell phones are constant source of distraction

The unrestricted usage of cell phones in schools or workplaces is a constant source of distractions. Schools and workplaces demand proper attention and concentration of students and employees to enhance the productivity of these respective institutes. It is impossible to deliver best results in any institute if you are not fully focused and concentrated. Cell phones should be restricted in classrooms because the engagement with cellphones is definitely going to affect the smooth process of education. Same is the case with employees in different workplaces, if employees spend their times with cell phones then it’s certainly going to affect the productivity of the given company or firm. So, it is our social responsibility to minimize the use of cell phones in schools and workplaces because it is going to affect our social reputation and efficacy as well.

  1. Social rules about the usage of cell phones help in getting desired results

It is the responsibility of the authorities of schools and workplaces to devise different rules about the usage of cell phones. There is a recess time in schools and workplaces and students/employees are allowed to use their cell phones in their break time. They can send important messages and calls in this specified time. The implementation of social rules helps getting desired results of schools/workplaces. Thus, cell phones should only be allowed to use in breaks or in case of emergencies to achieve 100 % results in schools/workplaces. The authorities should also make sure that the social rules are being strictly followed by students/employees. Fines should be charged to all those who try to violate the set social rules about the usage of cell phones.

  1. Restriction of cell phones make people (students/employees) more responsible

It is the utmost duty of every citizen, whether a student or an employee to abide by the rule of their schools or organizations because it makes them more responsible and professional. Schools and workplaces teach people different things and discipline is the most important thing that should be learnt from environments of schools/workplaces. There should be a different in our personal and professional/student life. If we learn to respect the social rules set by our schools/workplaces, we should be able to respect social rules and law of our country as well.

  1. Social rules about the use of cellphones make people learn to live without cellphones

People are dependent on cellphones which affect their studies and professional life. It is important to survive without living cellphones. Social rules about the usage of cellphones in schools/workplaces help people learn to survive without cellphones without affecting their careers because the constant use of cell phones not only distract us but obstructs our ways to achieve success in education/profession.


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