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Shooting suspect was US army psy-ops specialist: Pentagon

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WASHINGTON (AFP) – The gunman suspected of attacking a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and killing six people was a former US Army “psychological operations specialist,” the Pentagon said on Monday.

Wade Michael Page, who was himself shot dead by police during the incident, was a 40-year-old who had served between April 1992 and October 1998, ending his career at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

He received his basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma before being moved to Fort Bliss in Texas. Fort Bragg, where he finished his career, is home to many of the US Army’s airborne units and its Special Operations Command.

According to the Pentagon, Page was a qualified parachutist who received a commendation medal, five achievement medals, two good conduct medals, the National Defense Service Medal and a Humanitarian Service Medal. But he left with the relatively junior enlisted rank of Specialist E-4.




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