Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai, marking the two-year anniversary of the UAE Space Agency, posted an image of a postage stamp issued his father, the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

The image shows both the remarkable forethought of the Royal Family, as well as the driving ambition that has put the UAE where it is on the world map.

“A stamp issued by my father Sheikh Rashid 50 years ago, celebrating space sciences. We dreamed of such future ideas,” he said.

More tweets followed, in which Sheikh Mohammed explained how the UAE now has a space sector worth $5.4 billion (AED20bn), with a mission to Mars driven by a wholly Emirati team of scientists.

He then wrote: “Dreams begin with ideas, a word, an image or even a postage stamp. As generations work to fulfil our dreams, we develop concrete realities.”

Officially unveiled more than a year ago, the UAE hope to launch the Hope Probe to Mars in 2021, in line with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UAE.

According to the official website for the project, the spacecraft will be compact, hexagonal-section and ‘built from aluminium in a stiff but lightweight honeycomb structure and surfaced with a strong composite face-sheet. Its overall size and weight are comparable to a small car: it will weigh approximately 1,500kg including fuel, and measure 2.37m wide by 2.90m tall’… see more

source: arabianbusiness