LONDON // Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed met US secretary of state John Kerry in London yesterday for talks on the situation in Egypt and the restarted Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

Describing Egypt as an “extremely important” country, Sheikh Abdullah said it was imperative that the international community worked together to support the interim government that had been put in place by the Egyptian army.

“We have to make sure that this interim government can be successful in leading Egypt to a better future,” Sheikh Abdullah said.

“The UAE, with the United States and others, is doing its very best to give this government the support it needs.”

Concerned about more bloodshed in Egypt, the United States, European and Arab states are trying to bring the opposing sides together.

This relies on the UAE to work with the interim government and Qatar to liaise with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr Kerry thanked Sheikh Abdullah for his “enormous efforts” to help resolve the crisis.

He then called on all parties in Egypt to work towards a peaceful resolution.

“The temporary government has a responsibility with respect to demonstrators to give them the space to be able to demonstrate in peace,” Mr Kerry said before the meeting with Sheikh Abdullah.

“But at the same time, the demonstrators have a responsibility not to stop everything from proceeding in Egypt.”

Islamist backers of Egypt’s deposed president. Mohammed Morsi. staged defiant rallies yesterday, with police firing tear gas at demonstrators, after the government ordered their protest camps to be broken up.

On Thursday, while in Pakistan, Mr Kerry had said the Egyptian army had been “restoring democracy” when it acted to topple Mr Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood said it was “disappointed” by the remarks.

Yesterday, Mr Kerry said he had simply meant that “all of the parties have a responsibility to be inclusive”.

Sheikh Abdullah thanked Mr Kerry for his efforts in reviving peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis, a process that had been moribund for more than three years.

Negotiators from both sides met last week in Washington after intensive shuttle diplomacy by Mr Kerry.

Sheikh Abdullah said Arab countries would offer the US all their support in this endeavour, as well as in Egypt.

“I think it’s extremely important to see US leadership not only in helping calm the situation in Egypt, but also your efforts in putting new life in the peace process.”
Source: Thenational