Motorcycles and bicycles will be banned in Sharjah from 10pm as part of a Sharjah Police initiative for a safe winter in the emirate. The campaign was launched by Brigadier Mohammed Eid Al Madhloom, Director of police operations at Sharjah Police, Dr Abdulla bin Sahooh, Director of General Department of Immigration and Residency, senior police officials and strategic partners of Sharjah Police including the Sharjah Municipality.

Brigadier Al Madhloom said that the initiative was launched as part of the Sharjah Police’s strategy to combat crimes and to boost people’s confidence on police and security officials. The initiative also shows the keenness of Sharjah Police to intensify presence of police officials at touristy areas, places far away from city where people go to enjoy nice weather and the quieter areas.

People should abide by the new law by not driving motorcycles and bicycles after 10pm on main roads as they may cause noise and disturb others.

The police would be present to meet people demands and to ensure their comfort and to get touch with youth and  to keep them safe and under protection and to prevent them from getting involved in any negative activity.

On his part colonel Jehad Sahooh who conceived the idea called on public not to hesitate in getting in touch with police if they need help or assistance and to contact them through the mobile phone number  0509692000.  They should abide by police guidance and instructions which were written in brochures and to be careful when they go for camping and taking the precautionary measures while selecting the best place to camp. He said people should behave well and wear decent dresses that will ensure their security.

He advised the public to abide by traffic laws, follow signboards and park their bikes, heavy vehicles in the designated parking areas.

source: khaleejtimes