CHANNEL Seven has apologised after deleting angry comments from its Facebook page posted by the mother of a girl killed in a quad-bike accident.

Linda Goldspink-Lord criticised the network’s handling of the story on the Seven News Sydney Facebook page, claiming the station filmed her with the body of her 13-year-old daughter Molly Lord from a helicopter on July 11.

”I would just like to let everyone know of the pain and harassment we suffered as a result of Channel 7,” she wrote.

”A reporter was on our private property very soon after the accident and whilst Molly was still on the ground. He walked up to the house down to the stables anywhere looking for a story. I went outside at some point to go to her horse for some comfort when the channel 7 helicopter flew above me trying to get footage. My husband was overseas at the time of the accident but footage of myself sitting with my deceased daughter was put on the channel 7 website for the world to see see before I had even told all my family.

”Channel 7 you are a disgrace and what should have been a private moment between a mother and get daughter was exploited for the sake of an exclusive story. You bastards.”