Sorry, just jesting, Angie!

Scott Rudin, the high-powered Hollywood producer whose hacked-and-leaked e-mails caught him trashing Angelina Jolie and making racially insensitive comments about President Obama’s taste in movies, is apologizing for the remarks.

In a statement to trade website Deadline, Rudin said that the private e-mail exchange between him and Sony Pictures entertainment chief Amy Pascal contained jests written in haste and not meant for public consumption. But they were indefensible “in the harsh light of a public forum, without context,” according to Deadline.

Rudin acknowledged that the statements were insensitive and thoughtless and offered regret and apologies to those he had offended, reported the Associated Press.

Rudin’s and Pascal’s leaked e-mails, obtained by Gawker and BuzzFeed this week, are the latest embarrassment stemming from the Sony hacking fiasco. The leaked e-mails left Hollywood types, and Rudin in particular, with an especially unappetizing image of ugly and petty egomaniacs.

Among other things, Rudin called Angelina Jolie a “minimally talented spoiled brat,” largely due to a competition between the two for the services of a coveted director. He also made jokes about Obama’s race and presumed taste in movies with black stars…. see more

source: usatoday