The movement to boycott Israeli goods linked to settlements has been boosted by “Scarlett syndrome”, say activists, after the high-profile controversy over the film star Scarlett Johansson‘s endorsement of SodaStream.

Pro-boycott campaigners believe they will benefit from the celebrity furore, even though Johansson – faced with the incompatibility of sponsorship of SodaStream, which has a factory in an illegal settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, and her role as a goodwill ambassador for Oxfam – broke links with the charity.

The row follows mounting pressure, especially from Europe, where NGOs, trade unions, churches and others are forcing their governments to take action.

The number of European corporations who have severed or reviewed links with Israeli companies which operate in settlements is accelerating; the European Union is taking an increasingly tougher line; and the boycott movement is gaining traction in the United States, where it has previously struggled to win support.

Estimates about the potential economic impact differ, but the alarm in Israel is palpable, as demonstrated by the furious reaction from Binyamin Netanyahu’s government when John Kerry, the US secretary of state, recently warned of more boycotts if current peace talks with the Palestinians fail…. see more

source: Guardian UK