It was a rough year for Samsung, but 2015 isn’t shaping up to be much better.

After watching profits tumble this year due to increased competition from other Android phone makers, Samsung sits at an odd inflection point. It can pump out pricey, generic Android phones and watch cheaper phone manufacturers continue to eat its lunch, or it can start innovating in software and services and find new ways to differentiate its devices from the competition.

Samsung had one plan to do the latter, but it seems to be faltering.

Reuters had a big story last week on Tizen, a mobile operating system made by Samsung that was supposed to ship on at least one phone this year. But Tizen has hit a bunch of snags, and Samsung wasn’t able to release the OS on a phone before the end of 2014. (There are rumblings a Tizen phone will launch in India soon, but nothing has been confirmed yet.)… see more

source: businessinsider