Samsung smartphone users have reported their handsets have crashed, frozen or even developed battery problems after downloading the latest software update.

The 4.3.3 update was supposed to provide support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the HomeSync function and various graphics, performance and multimedia improvements.

However, dozens of users said they had suffered a range of problems with their Galaxy S3.

According to posts on Samsung UK’s Facebook page, the S3 is the model most affected, but there have been a handful of users who have also reported problems with the S4.

One of the users, James Coughlin, wrote on the page: “Ive always praised Samsung never had any huge issues until 3 days ago.

“My s3 battery is useless and the when you press the home button it takes up to 30 secs to wake the screen up.

“And as for my s4 it crashed just tryin to upload 4.3. Not impressed at all I might have second thoughts about getting the note3.”


Mathew Yates wrote: “Have to say that your jellybean 4.3 update for the galaxy s3 has completely ruined my phone. Thanks alot samsung. Brilliant work!”

Some of the users report having problems making and receiving SMS text messages while others say the phone takes a long time to come out of sleep mode or has a shorter battery life.

Others said they have had to remove the battery multiple times before the phone works without any problems.

Wayne Jones said: “5+ battery pulls to get my s3 back working after this disastrous 4.3 update. How can a company the size of Samsung release an update like this?

“If I did this in my job , id get the sack. Oh and my battery goes down faster than my bank balance , which I thought was impossible. One unhappy Samsung customer.”

Samsung replied to everyone who has complained on the Facebook page with the same message.

It wrote: “We appreciate your patience while we work on this. As soon as we have further information, we’ll update you through our social and service channels. Thank you for bearing with us.”

A number of technology blogs reported that Samsung had suspended the rollout of the update and was investigating the problems.

Sky News contacted Samsung UK for a response to the complaints but has received no response.

source: skynews