A Russian company has come up with a double sided smartphone which includes an electronic paper display on the back. Yota Devices hope the revolutionary technology will help it win market share in Europe and the Middle East.

The main feature of the gadget is a black-and-white electronic paper display on the reverse of the smartphone, which is always switched on. The screen on the back mirrors the information on the main screen, without wasting energy.

It’s a new type of gadget. With smartphones it’s always one problem – its display is always black, it always sleeps, which we think is fundamentally wrong,” Vlad Martynov, Yota Device’s Chief Executive said Reuters. “If we really hit the mark, we’ll be happy because in two to three years everyone will be copying us.

YotaPhone uses the Android operating system and supports all LTE standards. Both the screens are 4.3 inch displays, and the phone weighs 146 grams. The phone comes in black or white, and is equipped with a 13 megapixel camera on the back, and a 1 megapixel camera on the front.

The device debuted in Russia on December 4th, and later in the month it will go on sale in Austria, Germany, France and Spain. In January next year it will be available in Great Britain, Greece, Cyprus and the Czech Republic.

The retail price of YotaPhone in Europe will be about 499 euro ($680). When it hits stores in the Middle East in January the phone is expected to sell there for around $600.

In Russia YotaPhone will cost 19,990 roubles ($600). In comparison the average price for an Apple iPhone 5c with the same amount of memory is 29,000 roubles ($870)…. see more

source: RT