The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will operate the Metro for an extended period, create 13,500 additional parking spaces and add new signage for the smooth movement of traffic on December 31 and January 1 for New Year festivities and fireworks.

The plan is to ensure smooth traffic flow near The Dubai Mall – Burj Khalifa during the celebrations where crowds are expected to gather for the annual fireworks display.

“The traffic plan features the provision of additional parking spaces and directional signage, and extended operation of the Metro from 5.30am on December 31 up to midnight of January 1. The Dubai Metro will adopt a skip-stop operation system that is stopping at only one station of the following three stations: Business Bay, Dubai Mall – Burj Khalifa, and Financial Centre. The Metro will stop at one of these three stations and skip the other two from 4pm on December 31 up to 4pm on January 1 in order to increase the passenger capacity of the three stations. During the period, the Metro ridership is anticipated to hit 749,842 riders on the Red Line and 359,025 riders on the Green Line.

The team has provided 13,500 additional parking slots near the events area; 8,000 parking at Meydan, 2,500 at the World Trade Centre, 1,500 parking at Residency & Foreigners Affairs Department at Jafiliya, and 1,500 parking at Zaabeel Park,” explained Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency.

“Signages are being set up to direct traffic to alternative parking and to the internal roads network at the Business Bay to access the Shaikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road to ease pressure on the Financial Centre Road. Work is currently on in setting up a solid rail in the median of the Shaikh Zayed Road in the sector along the Burj Khalifa and the Business Bay in order to fend off pedestrian crossing and traffic disruption. A bus shuttle service will be operated to transport passengers from the eastern side of the Shaikh Zayed Road to the Western side of the Road. Traffic signals on the Financial Centre Road and the Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard will ensure smooth traffic flow during various peak hours, and the Virtual Messaging Signs will be used to alert road users of any road closure as well as directing the public to use alternative locations for parking their vehicles,” she elaborated.

Sixty feeder buses will be deployed to serve the Metro with additional parking and alternative taxi ranks, over and above the existing routes serving the neighbourhood. Fifteen buses will be deployed to serve Meydan parking, 20 buses will serve Trade Centre parking, 15 buses will serve the parking of Zaabeel Park as well as the Residency & Foreigners Affairs Department, and 10 buses will be deployed to move the public from the eastern part of the Shaikh Zayed Road to the Western part of the road.

Locations of feeder buses have been identified and dedicated bus lanes will ensure easy movement of buses. Buses will be in operation around the clock and will synchronize with the operation of the metro stations.

Emaar has expressed readiness to bear all operational expenses of the above buses. Thus riders will be treated to free rides. Public bus ridership is expected to reach 49,920 passengers, and the event held at the Dubai Mall – Burj Khalifa is likely to post a 30 per cent increase in public transport users compared to the numbers recorded last year.

Parking spaces and a dedicated lane have been designated for taxis to facilitate taxi access to the event venue, where two main car parks have been allocated, namely the sandy area of the Business Bay at the end of the tunnel extending from street No. 312 which can house up to 300 vehicles. Both the tunnel and the lane on this street will be restricted to taxis and buses to serve as an express lane from the Trade Centre to the event’s venue. The second car park is the sandy area alongside the Financial Centre Road, which can accommodate about 500 vehicles. A temporary exit has been set up leading taxi cabs directly from the parking area to Al Khail Road.

Alternative parking spaces have also been designated to accommodate cabs during peak hours at both Trade Centre & Jafiliya Station parking lots, besides opening new bus routes to lift passengers to the alternative locations.

Fifty-five Limousine companies will also be invited to offer services to passengers during the event. Taxi cabs are expected to lift 120,400 passengers in 69,000 trips from and to the event’s venue… see more

source: khaleejtimes