Yema is a type of custard candy made from egg yolks and condensed milk. This is a common Filipino dessert and one of the easiest to make. The ingredients needed are readily available and this does not require a lot of cooking and preparation time.

There are several ways to present this dessert – the most common is the use of colored cellophane. The mixture is scooped and placed inside individually cut cellophane then manually molded until the shape becomes pyramid-like. Others roll the mixture until the shape becomes spherical and place them in a small paper cup or use some frill picks to go with it. Majority just eat it as it cools :)

Yema, a spanish word for “egg yolk”.

1 big can condensed milk
3 egg yolks
1 teaspoon of melted butter
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract

3 tablespoons of chopped langka (jack fruit)
3 tablespoons of chopped nuts

Materials for wrapping:
plastic cellophane

1. Mix in a bowl the egg yolk and condensed milk and vanilla extract.
2. Then in a regular frying pan, put the butter to oil the pan
3. Pour in the mixed ingredients. Cook slowly over medium fire by stirring.
4. Continue mixing it to avoid sticking.  Cook it until it thickens,
5. Add your chopped nuts or jackfruit.
6. Let it cool (not too cool so you can still form the shape you want.)

1. use a regular frying pan to get the best result, not the non-stick one.
2. cook it in medium heat only
3. Use metal spatula for stirring the mixture, scraping the bottom of the pan.
4. do it continuously to avoid burning the mixture.
5. yema is done if your condensed milk is sticky or if it can form balls

TIP: Go get different colors of plastic cellophanes to make your “Yema balls” attractive.