A family that is tied up with love from the very first beginning stays together, prays together, respect each other with unconditional love peace and Harmony. There’s no Family without LOVE because that’s we’re family was came or build from.

A family must be rooted with love. Love that can build a strong foundation to give you more faith more hope more dreams and more courage to face whatever life may bring.

There’s no family if one part of it is missing. It must be complete because that’s where the strength came from .One family one heart hand to hand for a better life.

A better and strong family life. If you want to build a family be sure it’s complete everyone must fit in. A  family that whom you will die and live for. A family you can call it your own.

A family that stays together pray together love each other will tied up always and forever..


By: Nelia Vista
        Nelia Vista is Poet, inspirational and quote writer