Appearing on Power 98′s “Morning Madhouse” in Raleigh, North Carolina, rapper T.I. said things would’ve turned out a little differentlyhad he been Trayvon Martin’s father. The rapper first expressed his disapproval, saying the verdict was “bullsh*t”, then went on to express his admiration for Tracy Martin’s self restraint.

“My hat goes off to the Martin family, because if it was me and my child, there wouldn’t have been no trial,” said T.I.

In contrast, Tracy and Sybrina Martin has been stoic and non-violent throughout the judicial process.

“I’d have been on trial. It would’ve been the trial of the father who k!lled the man who k!lled [my child]. That would have been my story. My hat goes off because [the Martin family] are much more clear and level-headed thinkers than [myself],” he concluded.

Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and Bruce Springsteen are just a few of the artists who have spoken out against the acquittal of self appointed night watchman George Zimmerman for k!lling unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

Although Zimmerman has been out of legal trouble since his acquittal, he hasn’t remained out of the news. He allegedly rescued a couple in an overturned vehicle shortly after his acquittal and just yesterday it was revealed that Zimmerman was carrying a gun when he was stopped by police during a traffic stop.

Trayvon Martin’s family has been pushing for a repeal of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws around the country in the wake of their son’s death.