Never before did Twitter’s limit of 140 characters per tweet seem so criminally inadequate than on Saturday, when multiple award-winning Indian director Ram Gopal Varma found himself scrambling for words in praise of the recently-released Pakistani blockbuster film ‘Waar‘.

The first of Varma’s series of tweets was ambiguous, leaving readers unsure if his claim of being ‘stunned beyond belief’ was sarcastic.

Ram Gopal Varma @RGVzoomin
Saw pakistani film ‘Waar ‘ ..stunned beyond belief..i just want to leave direction nd go to pakistan to assist its director Bilal Lashari

Things got clearer when the second tweet came in around 10 minutes later, with Varma comparing Waar’s tremendous first-day performance at the box-office.

Ram Gopal Varma @RGVzoomin
Sharuk khan being the biggest star there nd chennai express having a record of 9 million on first day Bilal lashari’s Waar collected 11.4

In a confessional tweet which he later deleted, Varma admitted he had watched the pirated version of Waar, which has only gotten a limited number of screenings outside Pakistan.


But the director behind films like Sarkar and Company did slam Bollywood for being self aggrandising and refusing to acknowledge that Pakistan was churning out films that deserved attention.

Ram Gopal Varma @RGVzoomin
After seeing ‘Waar’ i honestly feel us indian film makers should get off our assumed high horses and look at pakistani films seriously

To top it off, the Bollywood star ‘saluted’ Waar’s director Bilal Lashari for a film that absolutely filled him with thrill.

Ram Gopal Varma @RGVzoomin
Mr.Bilal Lashari wherever u r in pakistan I want 2 salute u..irrespective of anythng else I am student of cinema nd am thrilled wth ur film

Ram Gopal Varma @RGVzoomin
Hey if anyone out there in pakistan knows Mr.Bilal Lashari personally can you please convey to him my regards and congratulations