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‘Land of the pure’, Pakistan. The name of our country is so clean and pure. When you hear it, you imagine a place with valleys, snow capped mountains, blue seas and friendly people. But looks can be deceiving. Because in veracity, Pakistan is a nation where one’s right to live is snatched by almost any stranger walking by. A nation where poverty is everywhere. A nation where foreign countries have the right to bombard. A nation that always has a helpless government. A nation that has people under 30 years of age making up 65% of its population.

Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, might be really confused if his soul were to visit Pakistan. The cause of this would be the fact that half of Pakistan’s population consists of youth. And not just any kind of youth. Youth that would think at least 10 times before giving their life for their mother nation. Youth that is obsessed with leisure and luxury. Youth that is ready to orate against you if you were to tell them to be selfless for at least a few minutes. Though this is not the full picture because that’s not exactly how all the youth is. There are those who would die for their land in the blink of an eye, those who would strive for the betterment of this nation and those who would behave ruthlessly with those who dare cast an impure eye on their motherland. But then again. Not everything is as sweet as it looks. Because that was just the sugary sweet side to our nation, but the truth has yet to come.  We live in a Pakistan with a government that has sold itself.  A government that has sold Pakistan.  A government that depends on other countries for existence. The question is, why?

Pakistan has endless treasures. Treasures like salt mines, coal mines, perfect ports, water and so much more. There’s one other thing we treasure that no other nation does. Courageous and tolerant people who have seen blasts, target killings, pieces of bodies thrown in sacks at roadsides and people with ideology so devastating that it would kill. The people of Pakistan are very brave indeed. And this is what they get for their gallantness. Maybe everything really does come with a price.

Why should we depend on foreign countries and governments? Why aren’t we capable of utilizing our treasures? Why do we always have beggars in place of rulers? Why couldn’t we provide security for people like Late Benazir Bhutto? Why couldn’t we stand up against the malicious Zia for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s life? A man who scared the leaderships of the most powerful nations on earth with his ambitious aims. Why couldn’t our national airline afford just one plane to be sent to the US for Late Arfa Kareem’s treatment? Are we so helpless? We, even by seeing and knowing it all, don’t come out as one and protest. And when we do we turn our own cities into rubbish pits. We don’t have identical views regarding Pakistan’s sovereignty and security among our political parties… and yet we talk about us being united.

When is our irresponsible silence going to end? The day we lose this nation? It’s not too late, we must awaken a sense of responsibility towards this great nation within ourselves. Silence may sometimes be a benefit, but this silence is tearing us down one at a time.

‘Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent on things that matter.’ Martin Luther King   


By: Fatima Arshad

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9 Responses to “QUAID KA PAKISTAN”

  • Aslam Baig Mirza says:

    Just asking questions will not solve your problems; you will have to find the answers and strive to achieve them.

    • Fatima Arshad says:

      Asking is the first step to answering. Once we know what’s going wrong and where and how and why, the answers will come easier.

      You know what they say, walk one step at a time.

  • madiha says:

    Atleast she has courage to ask. If we cant gather under one roof do some good for your land as an individual.

  • Maheen A Khan says:

    it is glad to see that our youth is raising questions and not to their elders only but to their own souls as well. Questions need to be answered by all of us to understand what are our do’s and don’t if we wish to make it true Quaed ka Pakistan…..

  • Dave HL says:

    totally impressed by the yung bloggist’s mind. She’s gonna go a looooong way if given a chance in da media

  • Tariq Quershi says:

    nice article……i think author also should write on Jinnah weather he was a molvi jinnah or liberal jinnah?

  • Rashid Khan says:

    The writer has lots of legitimate questions! But answers will not come from those who are responsible for this “apparent” misery. In reality we all are responsible for this situation. We must start from ourselves without waiting for others.

  • Rashid Khan says:

    Article is very good and all questions are pertinent. I don’t expect Fatima to answer them as well. But unfortunately, no one else will come up with answers. It has to be this generation who has to look for answers. When someone has questions then Allah will guide them to answers. Remember the story of Ibrahim (AS)….
    What Pakistan is going through today is a natural progression towards nation building… everything may seem to be going wrong on the surface but behind the scene all is happening for good. We just need to look at it from a different angle.

    Someone asked Quaid-e-Azam “would 50 years be good enough for us to transform into a “nation”? Quaid replied….”we would be lucky if we can achieve this goal in 100 years.”

    Insh-Allah we will not take 100 years.

  • Tariq Quersh says:

    I think question is the beginning step to find the answer and to resolve the problems

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