Dubai: The Ministry of Labour is making it crystal clear for workers who may still be uncertain regarding which days are being given in lieu of the upcoming National Day holiday on Monday.

All private sector workers will be required to work on the National Day holiday on Monday, December 2, said a top labour ministry official.

In exchange, workers in the private sector will be given a day off in lieu in advance, said the ministry, to give employees a longer weekend.

Minister of Labour Saqr Gobash Saeed Gobash announced on Monday that the private sector will get one day’s paid holiday on the UAE’s 42nd National Day.

According to a decision issued by the minister, Saturday, November 30 will be a day off for employees at private sector companies who only take a one-day weekend on Friday.

Workers given a regular two-day weekend on Friday and Saturday will be given Sunday off in lieu of the official National Day… see more

source: gulfnews