Every business is known for its brand. Depending on how you chose to develop that brand, your business will be seen as credible and trustworthy, or cheap and undermined. Developing the brand of your business relies heavily on the tools that you chose to use. Using PR strategies can be some of the most important things that you can do to develop the value of your brand. PR strategies are used to manage the way the public perceives your organization. By using successful and tested PR strategies, you can create an image that encourages new and existing customers to visit your business again and again.

The Power of Native Advertising

Many people are tired of the way ads have begun to take over their lives. Every video on Facebook, Youtube, and posts on Instagram and thronged by ads that are unrelated to the content that the person is interested in. Native advertising takes a different approach to the issue. Native advertising presents your business and your brand in a way that makes it feel natural in context. Native advertising does not look like advertising and, as a result, connects with the audience far better than traditional advertising.

When using native ads to promote a positive image for your business, format them to tell a story to the audience. It should promote a core message rather than a focus on promoting a product. When an advertisement tells a story to the audience, it doesn’t set off any “red flags” that a traditional ad sets off. Instead, the audience engages with it and pays attention because they can relate to the story that the ad is showing to them. By doing this subtle PR advertising, you help customers to remember your product in a positive light which helps you to gain validity in their minds.

Take Advantage of Influencers

Influencers are beginning to be used more and more commonly in the market because of the power they have over their followers. An influencer is someone, not necessarily “famous,” who has a large following of people who trust and support the influencer. The benefits of using influencers to promote your business are that their followers will trust and support any group or company that the influencer already supports. This gives your company immediate validity in the eyes of thousands of people who love and support the influencers that you chose for your product.

When choosing an influencer, ensure that you find a person who can naturally promote your product without it feeling like a paid promotion (even though it is). You should choose people who use your products on a daily basis and can simply be seen with your products. You might encourage them to use a discount code that they can give to their followers so that you and the influencer mutually benefit.

Humanize Your Brand

To gain attention for your company and your brand, you should be able to define it as “human.” This means that it needs to be relatable, have a core value, and connect to a core audience. Whenever you promote your products and your brand, focus on something that is larger than yourself. Customers are more likely to support your product if they see that you’re working towards a larger goal. For example, Coca-Cola humanized their brand by replenishing 100% of the water they use in producing their products. They started an initiative called “RAIN” (Replenish Africa Initiative) in 2009 to provide clean water to 2 million people in Africa. They worked with the FDA and used their adverse event reporting techniques to ensure that the water in Africa was clean, reliable, and sustainable for the people. This promotion touched the hearts of their customers and humanize the brand. It allowed its customers to trust the company since the company did their part to give back to the world.

PR strategies can do more for your business than just promoting your brand. You will gain people who respect your business because using PR strategies proves that you’re putting in the effort to connect with your customers.

by: Walter Bodell