Voting began Sunday in Thailand’s troubled election but anti-government protesters forced the closure of more than 10 percent of polling stations nationwide, an Election Commission official said.

“Polling stations have opened,” said Election Commission secretary general Puchong Nutrawong, adding protesters prevented voting across 12 southern provinces and in at least three Bangkok districts.

The snap poll was called by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in an unsuccessful attempt to quell rising tensions in the nation, which has seen three months of sometimes bloody rallies aimed at toppling her government.

Voting comes a day after a gunfight rattled the northern Bangkok suburb of Lak Si as government supporters and opposition demonstrators clashed leaving at least seven people injured.

Gunfire erupted during protests in Thailand’s capital Saturday, injuring 7 people, including an American photojournalist, and sending people scrambling for cover.

The shooting broke out as government supporters clashed with protesters trying to derail nationwide elections one day before the vote begins.

People caught in the mayhem crouched behind cars and ducked behind a pedestrian bridge while other fled inside a nearby shopping mall…. see more

source: voice of russia