A foodie pilot delayed a Pakinstan Internatinal Airlines NewYork bound by two and a half hours for gourmet sandwiches from a five-star hotel. Captain Naushad demanded the subs after finding out there were only peanuts, chips and biscuits on board.

Flight 711 was scheduled to leave Allama Iqbal International Airport at Lahore, Pakistan at 6:45 from to New York, via Manchester on December 15. When the pilot learned there were no sandwiches on the menu, he said he “needed sandwiches at any cost.”

Sandwiches were included as part of the in-flight menu on the flight until recently. On November 25 all the sandwiches were replaced with peanuts, chips and biscuits to save costs, and the catering department could only serve the approved revised menu.

When the pilot requested sandwiches the catering staff told him that they were not part of the approved menu, and that the only way to obtain sandwiches would be to place an order with a five-star city hotel – which would take over two hours.

The captain insisted that he needed sandwiches and the catering department contacted the Pakistan International Airlines head office in Karachi to seek further advice on the matter.

Amazingly, management directed the catering team to order the sandwiches as requested.

Once the sandwiches arrived the pilot was allegedly happy and the flight resumed… over two hours late.

A spokesperson for Pakinstan Internatinal Airlines, Mashhood Tajwar, said that management had taken serious notice of the massive delay and that an investigation into the matter had been ordered.

source: voice of russia