Even the Chocolate Hills, a world-famous tourist attraction in the province of Bohol, were not spared by the earth-shattering 7.2 magnitude tremor that hit the Visayan region Tuesday morning.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, locals and tourists alike were dismayed to see the once unique earth formations destroyed.

Often likened to the famous brand of chocolates, Hershey’s Kisses, the Chocolate Hills looked like it melted or have been nibbled at after the earthquake.

A British national, Robert Michael Poole, who is touring the province took photographs of the Chocolates Hills after the devastating calamity. As of press time, his photos generated  973 retweets from social media users.

The Chocolate Hills used to be covered with green grass, but now chunks of the green turf is gone, leaving eroded and barren soil exposed.

Among the rows of seemingly endless Chocolates Hills is a so-called “leaning tower” which has finally collapsed.

People expressed online their sadness over the unfortunate incident with one @TheDellTorres describing the once beautiful Chocolates hills to Chocolate Crinkles.

“Di ko pa nakita ang Chocolate Hills ng harapan.. Then what I see now on the pictures – Chocolate Crinkles nalang yung iba.” @TheDellTorres said.

Chocolate Hills is the Philippines’ third National Geological Monument and has been proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The earthquake has so far left 142 people dead, majority from Cebu and Bohol.

source: Mb