Taylor Swift is 1st on the list and Paul Walker is 3rd.
Although the entertainment world may have lost Paul Walker in a tragic accident, his legacy and philanthropy lives on forever. He was the founder of the organization Reach Out Worldwide.

According to Walker’s official Facebook page, his philosophy behind Reach Out Worldwide was as follows: “I don’t go where people are. I go where the people aren’t.”

As a result of the late actor’s dedication to fulfilling the unmet need in difficult times of chaos and tragedy and destruction, Dosomething.org has named Walker as one of the most charitable celebrities of 2013, and rightfully so. Paul Walker ranked at No. 4 according to Life and Style Magazine which had the entire Top 20 list.

For more information on Reach Out Worldwide, be sure to visit its official website.

Here’s the full list of “Top 20 Celebs Gone Good”:

1.Taylor Swift
2. One Direction
3. Beyoncé
4. Paul Walker
5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
6. Sandra Bullock
7. Kerry Washington
8. Ian Somerhalder
9. Ryan Seacrest
10. Carrie Underwood
11. Jennifer Lawrence
12. Alicia Keys
13. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul
14. Miley Cyrus
15. Demi Lovato
16. Blake Shelton
17. Mindy Kaling
18. Kevin Durant
19. Kendrick Lamar
20. Justin Bieber

source: digitaljournal