An alleged thief who kissed the owner of a Paris jewellery shop during a violent robbery has reportedly been arrested using the DNA he left on her face.

Two masked men tied the jeweller up in her home last April, the French newspaper Le Parisien said.

The men poured what they said was petrol over the 56-year-old woman’s head and threatened to light it if she did not tell them the alarm codes for her store.

One of the thieves then went to the shop, stealing cash and jewels, while the other stood guard over the woman, identified by the newspaper only as Anne.

Before releasing her around four hours later, the man kissed the woman on the cheek, the report said.

Police then extracted the DNA from the woman’s face and it later led them to a man who was arrested in Nimes, southern France, on suspicion of other thefts.

The man, 20, has said he was just a lookout and that he had kissed the jeweller to “allay her trauma”.

The man’s accomplice has not been caught.