A veteran pilot who tested three times over the permitted alcohol limit when preparing to fly an Airbus to Pakistan has been jailed for nine months.

Irfan Faiz, 55, was completing pre-flight checks on the 156-passenger aircraft at Leeds Bradford Airport on September 18 when he was given a breath test after security staff raised concerns.

The pilot confessed to having consumed three-quarters of a bottle of whisky but said he had stopped drinking seven hours before the plane was due to depart.

Mr Justice Coulson told Mr Faiz: ‘This has been a high-profile case, attracting a good deal of media interest.

‘It is important that the sentence I pass carries the important message that, in general terms, airline pilots who are in drink when they are about to fly will go to prison.’

Mr Faiz’s lawyer had said his client was not aware of the UK rules surrounding alcohol consumption but this was dismissed by the judge, who said he found that ‘astonishing’.

The father-of-two had admitted a charge of being impaired by alcohol while carrying out an ancillary aviation function.

source: metro UK