Rawalpindi: Women observing veil were restricted to appear in the entrance test of the Cantonment College in the capital city of the province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa sources have reported. In an episode when one of the Muslim women in France was forced by the French government to remove her veil for her case proceeding met strong oppositions from the Muslim women around the globe. But unfortunately, same incident happened in an Islamic State. A country, that follows Islam and according to the teachings the Muslim women have been strictly commanded by ALLAH to observe veil.

The French government was criticized for their conservative policy. The army run college held the aptitude test. The women wearing Abaya and Naqab were asked to remove their veils. If they insisted to wear them, they were asked to leave the place. One of the candidates told.

Many women did not appear in the test because they were not ready to uncover themselves to what they saw as humiliation and immodest in front of males.

One of the applicant said that even the Palestinian women are not restricted to enter the Israel borders by removing their veils. At none of the place there had been notice of any sort of restriction in the advertisement of the job. If it had been the case, then many women might have not applied.

The college administration did not appear before media to talk upon the matter. Administration official said that women after clearing the security check were allowed to take the test.

source: http://www.awamipolitics.com/