Original Sugababe Mutya Buena has banned her daughter from ever entering the music world.

The Flatline singer, 28, has recently re-joined her old bandmates Keisha Buchanan, 28, and Siobhan Donaghy, 29, for a second crack at the charts as new outfit MKS – but has vowed not to let her daughter follow her in her footsteps.

‘Never,’ she replied bluntly when asked if she would like to see her daughter, eight-year-old Tahlia, enter the music business. However, she offered sound advice to those who may want to try.

‘Make sure you have the right support and backing. Take your time and remember talent never dies,’ the mother-of-one told ES Magazine.

Indeed, the original Sugababes were only five years older than Mutya’s daughter is now when they were formed in 1998, and each of the ladies seem keen to act as sources of advice for young music hopefuls.

‘Know your worth to the band. When you’re sad, express that. When you’re happy, express that. Be open. Be transparent. Compliment other people,’ said Keisha, echoing the words of her bandmate, and also hinting at the infamous in-fighting that dogged the group in its original form.

Of course the history of the Sugababes is marred by the fact that members came and went (Siobhan and Mutya both quit the band to be replaced by Heidi Range and Ammelle Berrabah) until the band fell through, but older and wiser, Siobhan thinks this time will be different now they have learnt from their past.

Looking back… the adult world around us wanted to manage the environment and make it a business, and maybe forgot we were young and our happiness was important,’ the red-haired singer said.

‘We were teenagers. We weren’t even old enough to drink! They saw us as interchangeable – it was all about the band, not the individuals, and that’s not good for your self-esteem.’

Read the full interview with Mutya Keisha Siobhan in ES Magazine, out Friday.

source: Metro UK