OnePlus is hard at work producing its own custom Android ROM, which will replace the Cyanogen OS on its current and future smartphones. Announced at the end of January, we don’t know much about it at this stage, but it promises to be “open, customizable, and free of bloat and unnecessary features.”

Launch could come in March 2015

OnePlus promised to tell the world more about OxygenOS on February 12, and while it did talk about the software in more detail, its primary discussion concentrated on the team behind it rather than features or style. It’s interesting to note several members of the crew come from Paranoid Android, a competing ROM to Cyanogen.

Luckily, the official blog post was accompanied by a Reddit AMA session, where the OnePlus’ head of mobile product revealed the software was being prepared for launch in March. However, an exact date wasn’t provided, and OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei replied to the message saying “What, really? :O”. For now, we’ll take this as a very approximate launch date.

Good news came for owners of the original OnePlus One. OxygenOS will work with the device, but probably won’t be delivered as an over-the-air update. Instead, any owners wanting to try it out will need to install the new OS themselves.

We were also informed OxygenOS will use the Google camera app as standard, but the team is working on “an awesome camera app for the v2 release.” It’ll have a silent mode with vibration setting, but not multi-window app support, and the ROM will only be compatible with OnePlus hardware… see more

source: Digitaltrends