North Korea has sent the South a fax threatening a “merciless” strike after activists in Seoul burned effigies of the country’s young leader Kim Jong-Un.

The North’s powerful National Defence Commission sent the fax to South Korea’s National Security Council through the western coastal ‘military hotline’.

It threatened to strike the South “without notice”, an official in Seoul said.

The effigies were burned in rallies held on Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of the death of Kim Jong-Il.

South Korean conservative groups, and North Korean defectors, burned effigies of current ruler Kim Jong-Un, his late father and grandfather.

The North said the rallies had insulted the “highest dignity” of its leadership, the defence ministry said.

“We’ve sent a reply vowing to react sternly to any provocations by North Korea,” the South’s ministry spokesman Kim Min-Seok told reporters. .. see more

source: skeynews