Non-Saudi adult students will be suspended from public schools if they fail classes over two consecutive years.
However, education officials said on Friday students will still be eligible to attend private schools.
The Ministry of Education ordered school principals to follow up on the matter. Ministry officials said in their directive that poor performers are to be suspended from the school in which they are studying. An exception is given to individual cases such as remote areas or villages that have no private schools.
The directive comes at a time when the Riyadh Department of Education has allocated training courses for teachers and school principals in adult education institutions, and for night, middle and high schools on how to teach adults.
More than 31,000 students are expected to enroll for the next academic year in adult private and public educational institutions, night, middle and high schools, which begins by the end of September.
The statistics for those who have studied during the last academic year has showed that the number of students reached 31,938 in 160 academic institutions.
An estimated 1,262 students enrolled in 40 educational institutions for adults, while 312 students who are also serving prison sentences are studying in three educational institutions for adults in prisons, and 410 students are studying in 46 centers under the Society Without Illiteracy program, said Ibrahim Abdullah predicate director-general of Education in Riyadh.
At the start of every academic year, the administration organizes training courses for teachers and school administrators in adult education centers, and night middle and high schools. Training courses include psychological characteristics of illiterates.
This is in addition to training programs for teachers in adult educational institutions, teachers-in-training centers for prison schools and night school courses include the art of dealing with prisoners students, said Fahd Al-Hagbani, director of Adult Education in Riyadh.

source: arabnews