Have you ever wondered just how far you could take that potato alarm clock project you made as a kid? Someone at Nokia did, and the end result is very cool. It seems like every fourth grade kid learns about the magic of potato-based electricity. The understanding that electrolytes generate an electric current when copper and zinc electrodes are added results in powering a light bulb or making an alarm clock go off. But the idea behind organically charging a device is a fascinating one regardless of your age.

Nokia has a long and interesting history of messing around with alternative methods of powering some of their devices, and while this most recent effort isn’t something you are likely to recreate at home, it is still quite a lot of fun to watch.

Nokia worked with artist Caleb Charland to build a massive wall that spread out all of the individual pieces needed to allow organic wireless power to be generated purely from apples and potatoes.That power was then used to charge a Lumia 930 organically.

As you can see in the video above, each spike has the required pair of electrodes needed to carry the current to the wireless charging pad at the end of the wall. The 800 apples and potatoes used to power this one charging pad makes for an expensive display compared to the more typical source of electricity that is a power outlet. That’s due to the power infrastructure we all currently rely on, but it’s a powerful reminder that there are alternatives out there if the time is taken to look for them… see more

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