What we’ve only seen in sci-fi movies so far may actually become a reality pretty soon, at least if Nissan has its way. The Japanese automaker says they plan to have a self-driving car for the market by the year 2020 because they believe their “revolutionary” self-drive technology will be fully working by then.

Even now, they are reportedly working on building a synthetic landscape complete with real roads and buildings in order to prepare testing for vehicles soon. Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn has gone so far as to announce in public that they are committing to introducing what they call the “Autonomous Drive” by 2020. The company also assures the public that it will not cost them an arm and a leg to get one of the cars, as they say they will be selling them at “realistic prices”. They are aiming for availability “across the model range within two vehicle generations”.

The company statement also says that they are currently testing the Safety Shield technology, which will help drivers to park properly and avoid collisions by using a 360 degree system of cameras that will give them perfect vision of their surroundings. The Autonomous Drive technology aims to give drivers more productive use of their time while on the road, while at the same time enhance their safety. The company also said that elderly and disabled people will have more freedom and mobility to navigate their vehicle on the road. By next year, they will be completing the construction of a proving ground to test the self-driving cars. It will have real townscapes in order to fully test the vehicles in almost real-life situations.

source: Japandailypress