From out of the blue, it seemed, Nissan has surprised the ongoingTokyo Motor Show with two retro-styled rear-wheel-drive concepts. The audience’s response has been overwhelmingly positive so far for the IDx Freeflow (brown in picture) and IDx Nismo (white), that there might be a good chance that both models will stand as foundations for a production model. Nissan has placed a huge nod to its famous Datsun models with the two concept models, but lest you be convinced that the cars are “old school,” the concepts in place with the two cars were in fact input from 100 youngsters born after 1990 – all natives of the “digital generation.”

Nissan says that the two concept models are firm examples of the company engaging with future consumers, which for them – in a Japanese society where the younger generation is losing its love for cars – is very much essential for market success. The Freeflow, if built for production, would come powered by a 1.5-liter engine. Inside, the cabin is influenced by a “white T-shirt and khaki chinos” theme, and comes with an elegant steering wheel and aluminum switchgear and dials. Sitting half-a-meter wide, the Nismo on the other hand is a lot sportier – with carbon-fiber panels, a side exhaust, 19-inch alloys and bolt-on wheel arch extensions. Power would come from Nissan’s DIG-T 1.6-liter turbo gasoline unit paired with a CVT.

With a number of Japanese manufacturers going futuristic, sporty and green for their concept cars in the Tokyo’s premier car tradeshow this year – Toyota coming up with a futuristic personal transporter and U.S. carmaker Tesla sporting its new electric car model – Nissan brought out a surprise package with the Freeflow and Nismo. Both cars appeal to the motoring public, with strong machine design and a nod towards a classic retro look. It would be really nice to see a Nissan model sporting these looks make production and give the classic look a fitting throwback.

source: japandailypress