A new highway linking Abu Dhabi with Fujairah has been proposed with speed allowed up to 200 kmph.

This was announced by Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Director of Dubai’s Traffic Police Department, on the sidelines of a press conference in Dubai on Monday.

Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen explained that the plan is to have at least 4 lane highway in each direction and allow only those cars to drive on the highway which can go at high speed.

He said the project will be executed after thorough study and support from the private sector.

He said this has been decided following studies which suggest that high speed alone doesn’t cause accidents but there’re other factors involved for the rise in accidents.

He explained that there is a correlation between the occurrence of accidents and the disparity between the car speeds, meaning that accidents increase when one car travelling at 140 kmph is surprised by a car going in front at 60 kmph.

Mohamed Al Kindi, a company representative of Canadian Motors which is one of the patrons of White Traffic Points System, supported the idea of building  highways where only high speed cars can travel. He said this has been tried and tested successfully in the US and Germany.

He also announced the launch of the second phase of White Traffic Points System which was introduced to encourage drivers with prizes and up to 12 white points for not committing any traffic violation throughout the year.

source: emirates24