Never look down on anybody..

Life is like a wheel.

Today you’re down tomorrow you’re Up.

As long as the world keeps on revolving.

Everyone has a chance to step up and Succeed.

Life is like a camera you can take another shot.

Or as you process the picture from negative to positive.

Sometimes life is like a mirror you can see yourself in it.

And if you don’t like what you see you can re touch it.

Life is what we make it ,our goals our success depends on what we do it.

There’s always obstacles to face mountains to climb,storm to surpass,river to cross and more to test you trying to stop you.

But when you have faith in God and also to yourself you can pass it all without a doubt.

So if you think that your life is not worth it think again ..

Put your best attire gathered all your self-confidence believe that World will never stop revolving trust yourself with faith bring out your creativeness,hidden knowledge and put all your best shot to picture yourself in a frame with success!! You can do it!! Happy Changing Life!!~


By: Nelia Vista
        Nelia Vista is Poet, inspirational article and quote writer