Never let anyone break your inner peace nor let you feel you’re useless and stupid.Start today on wards .
Be more being yourself..
Your own life,attitude,your own emotions and own rules.
Changes are welcome but mostly with your rules..
Changes are only for those who doesn’t believed that..
Life is consist of Hope,Faith and Love.
Without these three..
Life is like a ZOMBIE.
Say this words to yourself..
“I am not here to please anyone or anybody..
I am here to Live the life that was given to me with unconditional love.
I am here to please the only mighty one..
My Creator..
So when someone said that you need changes..
Maybe that word suits them..
Because when you judged someone..
You’re not defining her/him..
You’re defining yourself..
Life is not a perfect picture no one has it without obstacle and trials..
Life is not fair ..
Life is Unpredictable..
Life was came from Positive to negative to positive..
We are form with the image of God..
So don’t make yourself like you’re the only unique and the better one..
All of Us are the same…
Only we have difference charactheristic..
Different colors..
Language and style.
But in General We are all the same..
We are all created with one holy hand..
So don’t put yourself in the pedestal..
We are all sinners..
Not Saint..
“Accept the fact that No one is Perfect”
Embrace the fact that ” Being yourself is the best way to dance in the Music of Life
” Happiness and contentment is present when you Llive your Life with Love,Honesty,and Proud of who you are Just the way You are.”
“Stay Calm Be Yourself Now”!!
By: Nelia Vista