Kindergarten teacher Kirsten Burns turns her nose up at the most expensive necklace in the world: “I would never wear it,” she says. “It’s not my style”.


The Al Ain resident has been busy surveying the 635.918 carat diamond necklace called L’Incomparable Diamond necklace that at $55 million — or Dh205 million — the Guiness World Records has deeemed ‘the most valuable necklace’.

Burns and her friend, Linda Kim, who also teaches kindergarten in Al Ain, are in front of Mouawad Boutique on the ground floor of The Dubai Mall, diagonally opposite Bloomingdale’s. Kim agrees with Burns.

“It’s a bit over the top. But I would be disappointed if it wasn’t. For $55 million, it’s perfect for what it is.” The two friends may not be the most staunch endorsers on luxury avenue of diamonds being forever, or a girl’s best friend, but they take pictures on their camera phones, nonetheless.

L’Incomparable has just arrived in Dubai after spending 15 days at the Doha jewellery exhibition.

No woman has as yet worn the bling string, as Hassan Khabbaz, boutique manager and gemologist who has been so busy that he has not slept since the arrival of the coveted string, said, “For $55 million, you can’t just try it on.”

The necklace has a total of 91 diamonds, including the anchor, a 407 carat champagne-coloured egg-sized pendant, which in its rough, uncut state was an 890 carat rock. In jeweller terms, this egg-sized pendant is called a modified shield-cut IF (‘internally flawless’) natural fancy deep brownish yellow diamond.

The other smaller 90 diamonds are in nine different shapes, including pear, heart and oval, and mounted on a wire of rose gold.The necklace will be on display at Mouawad’s Boutique till April 6 when off it goes on a tour to regale the world.