You alone will climb the rocky planes of my darkest days

And bathe in the rays of my delighted nights


You alone will know the depths of my vast and twisting sea

And savour the scent of my slumber


You alone will walk the paths of my veins

And swim the channels of my bewildered mind


You alone will be beside me

And feel within your own bosom the beating of mine


And we will share the space and time between us,

As if it were bread and water

And we will fear separation

As if it were death


About the poet:Naeemah Petersen is an avid novice writer residing in Abu Dhabi. She is currently completing her BA Degree in English Language and Literature through the University of South Africa. She has had poetry published in her home country. She also enjoys painting and photography, and draws inspiration mostly from viewing ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way.