About 100 pickled brains have gone missing from an American university, leaving professors scratching their heads.

Officials at the University of Texas, in Austin, believe students may have stolen the organs, which are preserved in jars of formaldehyde, for Halloween pranks or to use as bizarre ornaments.

The brain of alumni Charles Whitman, the sniper who shot 46 people and killed 16 in a notorious massacre on the campus in 1966, is believed to be among the specimens that have disappeared.

“We think somebody may have taken the brains, but we don’t know at all for sure,” psychology professor Tim Schallert, the co-curator of the collection, told the Austin American-Statesman.

His co-curator, psychology Professor Lawrence Cormack, said the missing brains were half of the university’s collection.

“It’s entirely possible word got around among undergraduates and people started swiping them for living rooms or Halloween pranks,” he added… see more

source: Independent UK